1.  Commemorate With a Name Draft

Name Drafting is a technique for creating original threadings, usually in overshot.  We will develop a name code and translate it to overshot, summer and winter, lace and twill weaves.

2.  Framed With Woven Borders

This slide show focuses on the many options we have to "frame" our work, from simple stripes to using pattern blocks and woven edges to isolate a woven piece from its background.

3.  Three Shafts and a Multitude of Textiles

Weaving on two shafts is limiting, but expand to three and the possibilities seem limitless. Discussion includes the challenges of weaving on an odd number of shafts.

4.  A History of Weaver Rose and His

Weaver Rose was a well-known 19th century Rhode Island weaver who cherished hundreds of drafts he inherited from his ancestors, created more, and preserved them for posterity.  Samples of his handwritten drafts will be shown.

5.  Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes

Bertha Gray Hayes was a well-known Rhode Island weaver and the topic of a recently published book.  This talk covers her charming life and the 92 patterns she created, as well as a look at the national weaving scene of the 1920's-1950's.

6.  Designing with the Ondulé Reed

For vertical movement in the warp the ondulé reed is a truly amazing and beautiful tool. This reed has groups of dents converging in alternate fan shapes. By weaving at different reed heights the warp ends move to create vertical undulation. Examples will show the effect on many different weave structures. Ondulé Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed by Norma Smayda in 2017.



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