MFA in Visual Design, University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth

BS, Bucknell University

Statens Laerer Skole i Forming, Oslo, Norway
Baerum Husflidsforening, Sandvika, Norway
Toika Weaving School, Toijala, Finland
Teacher Certification, University of Rhode Island


Saunderstown Weaving School: 1974 to present

Handweavers Guild of America Convergences:
Two Rhode Island Weavers of Renown (2014)
Commemorate With a Name Draft; Framed With Woven Borders (1998)
Tie-up Your Fantasy; The Ultimate Interior (1996)
Scandanavian Weaving: Seminar and Workshop (1994)
The Ultimate Interior (1992)
Weaver Rose Patterns (1990)

Complex Weavers Seminars:
The Summer and Winter Drafts of Weaver Rose (2016)
Designing with the Fan Reed (2014)
Three Shaft Weaves~More for Less (2012 & 2014)
Commemorate with a Name Draft on Three to Sixteen Shafts (2012)

Mid Atlantic Fiber Association:
Scandinavian Weaving Techniques Workshop (2015)
Scandinavian Wall Hangings (1993)
Weaver Rose Patterns (1987)

Midwest Weavers Conference:
Weaver Rose Patterns (1991 & 1993)
The Ultimate Interior (1990, 1991 & 1993)
Scandinavian Techniques (1990 & 1991)

New England Weavers Seminar:
Weaver Rose - A Historical Perspective (2013)
Three Shaft Weaving; Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes (2009)
Gallery Show Tour; Four Shaft Weaves; Scandinavian Wall Hangings (2005)
Framed With Woven Borders; Commemorate With a Name Draft (1997)
Weaver Rose Patterns (1989)

Thousand Islands Art Center and Handweaving Museum:
Double Weaves Workshop (2013)


Historic Weaving Manuscripts Conference:
Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes (2008)
Three Shaft Weaving (2004)
Framed With Woven Borders (2002)
Weaver Rose (1998)

Southeast Fiber Forum:
Weaver Rose Patterns (1992)

American Textile History Museum:
Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes (2009)
Framed With Woven Borders (2002)
Weaver Rose (1993)

John C. Campbell Folk School:
Twills for Towels (2017)
Three Shafts and More (2016)
Weaver Rose and His Summer & Winter Drafts (2015)
Scandinavian Weaves (2006, 2008, 2010 & 2013)
Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes (2009, 2011
     & 2014)
Weaving with Blocks (2007)

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts:
Beginning Weaving (2005)

University of Rhode Island: Visiting Lecturer (2005)

Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts: Scandinavian Weaving (1986, 1990 - 1993)

Emmanuel College, Boston: Faculty. Weaving, Design & Art Education (1982)

Baerum Husflidsforening, Sandvika, Norway. Norwegian Weaving (1981), 2 months

Clark University, Worcester, MA. Visiting Lecturer (1976)

Numerous guilds, craft shops, museums and other organizations nationally