1.  Notable Napkins and Terrific Towels

Three shaft weaves and more for kitchen towels and guest towels, pot holders and placemats, table runners and tablecloths, using drafts from my Weaver Rose, Bertha Gray Hayes and Scandinavian collections.  3 - 8 shafts, beginning to intermediate weavers.

2.  Scandinavian Weaving Techniques

Samples will be woven in traditional and contemporary techniques:  rosepath, monksbelt, Swedish lace, blended weaves, beiderwand, krokbragd, Telemarks teppe, transparent weave.  3 - 8 shafts, beginning to advanced weavers.

3.  Weave a Scandinavian Wall Hanging

Samples will be woven in techniques found in Norwegian homes and public buildings: Beiderwand, finnweave, krokbragd, Telemarks teppe, and transparent weave.  3 - 6 shafts, intermediate to advanced weavers.

4.  Weave a Summer and Winter Sampler

This versatile technique is suitable for the most elegant table linens to the sturdiest rugs. After weaving the usual treadling variations, many more such as polychrome, on-opposites and lace will be woven for a sampler of more than a dozen techniques.  4 - 8 shafts, intermediate to advanced weavers.  If desired this workshop may use drafts from the collection of Weaver Rose.


5.  Weave a Weaver Rose Pattern

Weaver Rose was a well-known 19th century Rhode Island weaver who cherished hundreds of drafts he inherited from his ancestors, and created more.  Learn how to interpret his written drafts, and weave round robin many samples from his original drafts. 4 - 8 shafts, intermediate weavers.

6.  Weave Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes and an Overshot Sampler

Bertha Gray Hayes developed 92 patterns, most of them in overshot. Each participant will weave an overshot sampler, threaded to one of these patterns, learning the many possible treadlings on an overshot threading.  4 shafts, intermediate weavers.

7.  Light and Lacy Weaves

Enjoy weaving round-robin to sample Bronson, Swedish and Huck laces; Bronson and other spot weaves; and M's and O's - all suitable for hand towels, table linens and curtains. Weaving will be on 3, 4, 5 and 8 shafts in natural and pastel linen and cotton.